12 Simple Marketing Tips


I've tried that before. It doesn't work.

Every so often, we come across a business owner that insists on word-of-mouth advertising, exclusively.  We think every small business owner would prefer this free means of promotion – that is, if this way of marketing was good enough to retire on.  But, it’s not. 

After a little questioning, we usually discover that these folks have once been burned by exploring some sort of expensive marketing endeavor.  It is quite easy to feel at home with not spending money on marketing when this has been your experience. It's the old, "I've tried that before. It doesn't work."


Reaching targeted customers continues to improve for small business

Have you ever stopped to go back and reassess your marketing-failures? Chances are, you were on to something, but simply executed it poorly. On top of that, the options for reaching targeted customers continues to improve on a daily basis as digital marketing becomes the number one marketing method for small business. It’s worth another look, at any budget.

Below is a short list of simple tips we’ve learned over the years that may revive the hope of creating marketing pieces that work.

For any small business, empty seats are the worst. It’s time to re-explore what’s working best and how to improve on your current marketing efforts.

For any small business, empty seats are the worst. It’s time to re-explore what’s working best and how to improve on your current marketing efforts.


Tips and Reminders to Boost Your Local Marketing

  1. Your ads should aim for the heart - not the mind.

  2. Repeated punch-lines are subject to the laws of diminishing returns – update your ads regularly.

  3. Seek objectivity. It's OK to get your marketing reviewed by an outsider (or professional).

  4. Market to the right audience, and remember that NOT everyone is a potential customer.

  5. Increase the frequency of your ad placement. "One-off" advertisements rarely work. An actual strategy is today’s secret digital marketing weapon.

  6. Be consistent in your brand messaging. You must be a unified front in all places you advertise.

  7. Do not place too much content in your marketing. Remember KISS… “Keep it Simple Stupid”.

  8. Develop a branding strategy, a consistent mood/theme for all marketing efforts.

  9. Do not use self-aware ads, e.g., "We’re number one in service." Rather, use third-party referrals to acknowledge your citations of “Voted Best, Recommended by, etc”

  10. Update your website and blog frequently. Valuable content grows potential customers naturally (organically). Content helps establish that you are the authority on your given subject.

  11. If you have no charisma, resign as company spokesperson.

  12. Get to the point and GRAB my attention in 5-seconds.


Marketing Resources

When done properly, digital marketing helps you nurture existing customers, generates NEW customer leads, and earn more sales. To see how a digital marketing plan can work for your business, call 843-681-7827 or click to reach us. We offer a non-obligation free evaluation of your current online position.

Mike Tucker