Customer Support FAQ’s

Here is a list of commonly asked questions about Local Brand Builders. Please do not hesitate to reach us if you any have any additional questions. Call 843-681-7827, or reach us online.


Is Local Brand Builders a software application?

No. Local Brand Builders is a “managed digital marketing service” for businesses who need help taking care of their online presence. We maintain a healthy web presence your business while attracting new customers and (building) promoting your brand success.

How long does it take to setup and start working?

From the initial paperwork, to the first analytics, our typical turnaround time is 30 days. We’ll need time to setup the appropriate accounts, install tracking codes, and setup your marketing report. Ideally, our team will start to make social postings as soon as your content is available. Your Local Brand Builders Plan will start working within 30 days; whereas the results of actual marketing will vary.

How much does it cost?

Standard Digital Marketing Plans typically require a one-time upfront fee followed by monthly billing. Digital Marketing Plans are designed for a single-campaign account, but can be customized to fit your business marketing needs. Costs vary for optional services such as websites, web hosting, online advertising, and email marketing.

Is there a contract, and what is the length of term?

Yes, 12 months. All Clients are required to sign our Client Service Agreement outlining working terms and obligations to each other. Standard Digital Marketing services require a 12 month term. The results of organic (non-paid) marketing may not be visible for months. The marketing actions we take today are best measured on a quarterly or annual basis.

Is a website purchase required?

No. While it is necessary to have one, our goal is to market your business - not sell you a new website. Most businesses we help already have existing websites that work just fine. On the other hand, we may recommend a new website if your current one is a DIY disaster.

Are there any outside expenses?

Yes, but optional. The most common “outside expense” will come from Google advertising (an optional feature). Other costs will vary for optional services such as websites, web hosting, online advertising, email marketing, sales promotions, and promo videos. All expenses require your prior approval.



Is a Google advertising (adWords) plan required?

No. Our standard Digital Marketing Plan does not require any external advertising solutions like Google adWords. Businesses needing immediate search results and ad placement will certainly appreciate the effectiveness of a Google ad campaign, but again, not required.



We’re hands-off. Can you take care of everything?

Business Owners have the choice of having us “do it FOR you” OR “do it WITH you”. While we can certainly go solo, our marketing program honestly works best in conjunction with the efforts from the business owner and staff.



How does it work since we already have existing marketing staff?

Teamwork makes the dream work! We can accomplish a lot together. Some of the best content will originate directly from your staff and may include photos, industry news, and everyday life around the office. The better the content, the higher engagement. This means better rankings and visibility for your website and social media. Not to worry - Our team will work with you on collecting/building share-worthy content.



Can you guarantee results?

We are unable to guarantee search results or marketing outcomes. We can, however; guarantee that the work you contract us to do is completed using best faith efforts and fundamental, proven, marketing practices. We adhere to the latest technology requirements of Google pertaining to search marketing.



Do you handle technical support?

We extend technical support coverage to clients with a website from Local Brand Builders. This primarily covers “how to use the system”, domain maintenance, and/or any requests for new features to be added. Aside from that, we’re pretty non-technical, but happy to refer you to our local Hilton Head IT professionals.



Do you handle email accounts?

To clarify, we often do “host” email accounts as part of your domain name, but we do NOT offer front-end setup or support. We are happy to refer you to our local recommended provider. With a variety of office email programs and staff options, it always best to contract with a qualified IT person or company.



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